Designers in Residence

Dutch Design Battle

The Designers in Residence program is an essential part of the activities of the Dutch Design Month and consists of giving established designers time and space to escape from their regular work to reflect, explore and develop new ways to practice.

The program is aimed at international designers of at least 50 years with proven experience and products in one of the four main themes of the Dutch Design Month:
– Object and Industrial
– Media, Graphic and Interactive
– Architecture, Interior and Landscape
– People, Fashion and Food
Language skills in Dutch, Italian, German or English are required.

Designer in housing benefits
This year there will be a living space (sponsored by …) and designers will also have their own studio in … (sponsored by …) in which they can create their work. The residence offers designers time and space to work on a project and if needed our Dutch Design Month volunteers can support the guest designers in the design, both structurally, spatially and also socially.

In addition, each guest designer receives 1.250 euro to cover travel and living expenses. A special allowance can be made available for material costs. As soon as each designer has completed their 24-day stay, they will give a group presentation in House of Craziness from 22 to 24 December.

Designer In Residence 2019 form

Dutch Design Month 2019
tav. Designer in Residence Program
Haringvliet 401
NL 3011 ZP, Rotterdam
Phone +31 107514980

Visit this page, facebook or twitter regularly for information about when you can visit the studio and meet the designers.